How To Use

How To Use Name Labels

Labels should be used on hard, smooth, clean and dry surfaces. These labels are not suitable for rubber, silicone and clothing.

Press the entire label firmly and carefully including edges for a few seconds. The more pressure you apply, the better sticking power it will have.

If you used the label on a lunchbox or a water bottle, we recommend keeping the item dry for at least 24 hours before washing it. This will allow the adhesive to continue to strengthen.

Peeling back the label once it has adhered will cause it to lose its adhesive strength.

How To Use Vinyl Stickers

1. Clean the surface and make sure it is dry.

2. Vinyl Stickers come in 3 layers. Transfer Tape, Vinyl Letters and Backing Paper.

3. Apply pressure using a credit card or similar to stick the Vinyl Letters onto the clear Transfer Tape.

4. Remove the Backing Paper slowly and make sure all Vinyl letters are attached to the clear Transfer Tape.

5. Apply the Vinyl Letters onto the surface and rub it firmly.

6. Slowly remove the clear Transfer Tape leaving only the Vinyl Letters on the surface.

How to Use Iron-On Labels

1. Ensure that the garment is completely clean and dry.

2. Peel off the Iron-On Label from the Backing Paper.

3. Cover the Iron-On Label with the enclosed Parchment Paper and press firmly with an iron for 10 seconds. Please make sure your iron is set for cotton fabrics and do not use steam.

4. If edges are not fully stuck, re-heat for a few more seconds.

5. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours before washing the garment. This will allow the adhesive to continue to strengthen.