Frequently Asked Questions

I just placed an order. Is it possible to still make changes or add more products to the order? 

No. Design and printing occurs shortly after an order is placed. Details cannot be changed after placing the order so please make sure all your order details are correct. Any additional products must be ordered separately.

Can I consolidate separate orders?

No. Each order is treated and processed separately.

Can I remove my Iron-on labels?

Iron-on labels are difficult to remove once they have been put on the clothing piece. Removing the labels by force can damage the clothing so please do not forcibly pull or try to remove them.

Can the name labels withstand dishwashers?

Yes, all name labels we sell are waterproof and scratch-resistant. Items should be placed on the top shelf and you should avoid using high temperature settings. Handwashing the items can allow the labels to last longer.

How should I store my labels?

All labels should be stored in their original pouch packaging when not in use and keep them flat (i.e. bookshelves, drawers) in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

What is your turnaround time?

Once payment has been confirmed for an order, it will generally take 2-3 business days until labels are printed and dispatched.

What if my order is lost in transit and does not arrive?

If your order does not arrive within 2 weeks of placing the order, please send us an email via

Can you print labels according to my own designs and requirements?

You can send your own designs and requirements to us via email ( and we will let you know if we can print them for you. Please note that in some cases, we may not be able to meet your requirements.

Can you print several different names on one sheet? (i.e. classrooms, offices)

Yes, we can. However, additional charges may apply so please send your enquiry via email ( and we will respond with a quotation.